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Texto 3 - Did Dracula really exist?

Did Dracula really exist?

Yes and no. Dracula is a books written by the Irish author, Bram (Abraham) Stoker (1847-1912) who told the story of an evil count from Transylvania (now part of Romania). The nobleman could turn into a vampire bat. He sucked people’s blood by biting them on their necks. His victims became his slaves.
Dracula was a figment of Stoker’s vivid imagination, but in the 1400s there was a cruel ruler os Transylvania know as Vlad the Impaler. He got this nickname because he had he had awful habits: he drove stakes through the bodies of his enemies and left them to die. No doubt Stoker had Vlad in mind when he wrote the book.

Check your Reading

1.     According to the text:
a)     Bram Stoker invented the name Dracula.
b)     Bram Stoker didn´t invented the name Dracula.
c)     Dracula didn´t have slaves.
d)     Dracula became a ruler in the 1400s.
e)     Vlad could turn into a vampire.

2.     The book written by Bram Stoker is:
a)     a poem         c) a novel      e) a fable
b)     a fiction.        d) an adventure

3.     All the alternatives below are correct, except:
a)     Dracula was probably inspired in Vlad the Impaler.
b)     Vlad the Impaler really lived six hundred years ago.
c)      Bram Stoker met Vlad the Impaler.
d)     Bram Stoker was an Irish author.
e)     Vlad the Impaler tortured his victims.

4.     Mark the correct alternative
a)     Bram Stocker died at the age of 65.
b)     Vlad became a ruler in 1400.
c)      Romania bought Trabsylvania.
d)     Stoker gave a nickname to Vlad.
e)     Vlad drove skates through the bodies of his enemies.

5.     Mark the correct verb sequence.
a)     to write -  written – written.
b)     To become – became – beame.
c)      To drive – drove – driven
d)     To get – got – gatten.
e)     To left – left – left.

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